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5 Minutes to Tell Why You Should Own an Acetate Sunglasses

Jul. 09, 2022

The frames of acetate glasses are made of acetate (a plastic-like material made of nylon), which is more resistant to wear and tear than traditional plastic frames, lighter, more flexible and stronger, and has a long-lasting, brighter appearance. (Considering coming to JINGWEI for customization?)


Mysterious Acetate


Acetate, also known as cellulose acetate (zyl), is a plant-based biopolymer made from wood pulp and cotton, and was one of the first synthetic fibers to be manufactured. It has a higher glossy feel and transparency than ordinary plastics. In acetate products, the higher the quality of the acetate, the brighter the product. The acetate process is often more time-consuming and labor-intensive than the traditional plastic process, and places higher development and manufacturing requirements on manufacturers.


Why Choose Acetate Frames?

Acetate glasses are more flexible and comfortable.

Are you often limited when playing certain sports because traditional plastic frames do not stretch? Acetate glasses are a great solution to this problem, as they are made of acetate that flexes under pressure to better fit the curves of your face and provide you with maximum comfort.

Acetate glasses are allergy-friendly. 

Acetate is a hypoallergenic material, so if you need to wear glasses for a long time for any reason, it is definitely the right choice for you because it will never irritate your facial skin like metal frames.

Acetate glasses are durable and environmentally friendly. 

Most of the raw materials used for the frames are renewable and or natural sources, which are green and stylish. In addition, compared to cheap plastic or metal frames, acetate frames are less deformable and more resistant to wear and tear, so they can stay with you longer in your work and life.

The process of making acetate sunglasses.


A good acetate sunglasses is made with high grade cellulose acetate for the frames, and the sunglasses manufacturer employs a large number of experienced technicians to work on them. Mixing of organic pigments, acetone and unprocessed acetate plant-based materials, etc.


  • ■ Mixing paste, pressing and coloring

  • ■ Cutting the acetate film and rolling them into large pieces

  • ■ Curing the sheets and cutting them into shape

  • ■ Designing the component shape

  • ■ Polishing

  • ■ Assembling the frames and lenses


Each of these steps is crucial and only a quality process will result in a qualified acetate sunglasses.

What kind of acetate frame is right for you?


Clean acetate sunglasses


colored acetate sunglasses

  • ■ Do you prefer clear, premium frames or vibrant, colorful frames?

  • ■ Or do you have a better idea for the pattern and appearance of acetate frames? Contact us and let us customize a unique piece for you.



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