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Quality Test

In addition to the process inspection during the production process, we also conduct inspection tests such as appearance and color inspection, fatigue test, mechanical performance test, sweat corrosion test, spectrum and scratch wear, pursuing 0.Imm processing accuracy and pursuing perfect quality.

Appearance Test

Color Check

Stress Test

Mechanical Performance Test


Sweat Corrosion Test

Scratch Wear

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High Quality

We believe that the products purchased by customers should be guaranteed with "high quality". To this end, we make every effort to ensure product quality and beauty, and continue to improve. No matter where in the world, in order to be able to produce glasses that meet customer requirements and achieve perfect quality, we use a variety of processes to strictly control the quality.

As one of the top eyewear manufacturers, Jingwei has a strict quality control system. With several years rich production experience, provide sunglasses solutions for customers, we have earned the reputation for exceptional quality, consistency, innovation and customer service. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the latest technologies and designs in sunglasses. If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us.

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Quality Control

Excellence is achieved through strict quality control and testing.

Lens quality

500 rotations without interruption, no damage, deformation<5mm

Hinge test

7000 times of opening and closing test to ensure that the hinge is silky smooth

Frame elasticity test

The whole frame is made of acetic acid sheet material, which will deform under high temperature conditions and needs to be slightly corrected by hand

Quality Control

Complete Production Process

The indoor laboratory allows us to provide customers with high-level glasses.

The lens has the function of protecting and correcting vision, so the quality of the lens is particularly important. Since its inception, Jingwei has been cooperating with Zeiss lenses and other top lens manufacturers.

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