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Use the best materials and craftsmanship

Each pair of glasses is favored by carefully selected materials. We cooperate with top glasses material companies to realize our yearning for perfection. Titanium, acetate, hinges, and every hand-installed accessory and screw on the glasses are all for the eternity of that treasure.

Top Supplier-Design your private label acetate eyewear

In order to obtain unparalleled products, we choose:

Imported acetate sheet

All kinds of metal hinges

Metal parts

ZEISS lenses

Jingwei offers brands the opportunity to design and develop their own eyewear collection.Jingwei guides its customers from concept to final production of sunglasses and optical frames. With more than 7 years of expertise in the eyewear manufacturing industry,Jingwei is an experienced partner for brands in the entire process of creating a unique private label eyewear and sunglasses collection. Click here to custom private label acetate sunglasses.

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High-quality Lenses

We choose high-quality lenses of various types and functions. We also customize lenses for specific needs. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, you can easily watch wonderful moments. We work in constant contact with the customer, seeking the best solutions and using the most advanced methods of production and quality control. Contact us to get your private label acetate sunglasses.




Excellent impact resistance
Very light
Suitable for rimless frames
Open holes are not easy to crack


Zeiss Lenses

Zeiss Lenses

Best visual clarity
Most scratch resistant
Higher weight and cost
Jingwei uses top Zeiss lenses
UV400 and UV resistance are the best




Very thin
Wide range of use
Meets FDA impact resistance requirements
Not recommended for sports occasions


Anti-blue Lens

Anti-blue Lens

Block and filter blue light
Suitable for office and online game crowd
Protect eyes and reduce damage

Advantages of Lenses

-Clear vision, blocking glare

-Natural colors, perceive reality

-UV400 protection 100% UV resistance

-Impact resistant, scratch resistant, safe to use

We continue
to make the horizon better

Through the development of the ECO circular economy, with innovative and sustainable eyewear solutions facing the future, Jingwei has become one of the most reliable and sustainable solution providers in the world.

We have been using acetate fiber as the raw material since the production of products in cooperation with gentle monster

As a porous membrane material, cellulose acetate has the characteristics of high selectivity, large water permeability, and simple processing.

Discover a range of high-quality acetate sunglasses with GM Sunglasses. Our selection includes acetate material glasses that can be easily adjusted to ensure the perfect fit, as well as acetate glasses frames that can be polished to maintain their pristine appearance. We also offer a variety of plastic frame materials to suit your individual preferences. With our extensive experience in crafting cellulose acetate glasses, you can trust us to deliver top-notch quality and style. Shop our collection of GM Sunglasses today and experience the ultimate in acetate eyewear.

We continue to make the horizon better


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