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Today's global market environment requires a comprehensive service concept. As a complete process manufacturer of sunglasses and optical frames, Jingwei prides itself on its rich product knowledge and unparalleled customer service. We tailor and accurately cater to customer needs, help customers develop the best-selling sunglasses and glasses, and provide consistently high-quality and value-added solutions.

We provide customers with integrated services from development to delivery. All designs provide customers with highly exclusive personalized logos, color temperatures, etc. Ensure corporate advantages, ensure customer satisfaction, and establish industry reputation. In order to tap more business and market share, and obtain long-term cooperation.

Jingwei specializes in produce OEM Glasses / Eyeglasses, has our own eyeglasses frame factory that have worked with many clients on OEM eyeglasses and eyewear. We take designs cues from many brands to produce our own OEM eyeglasses styles. We can also manufacture the private label eyeglasses frames according to client's needs. 

Depends on what you need for OEM Eyeglasses Manufacturing is, we have a solution for your private label eyeglasses frames.  Please contact us  for your OEM eyeglasses needs.

JingWei OPTICAL Solution + Value-added Services


Demand for Communication

The two parties communicated and made suggestions according to your needs. Make suggestions based on your needs.


Design Manuscript

Design manuscript or computer manuscript, confirm the plan to the client


Make Prototype to Clients

Analyze the structure, process and materials of the product, and quickly produce prototypes for customers.


The Delivery Completed

Samples can be completed as quickly as 35 days. Express opinions to customers and put forward mass production suggestions.

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