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Do Anti-blue Light Glasses Really Work?

Aug. 02, 2022

With the widespread use of electronic devices, more people are beginning to understand the importance of eye protection. Not only myopic people, but even those with normal vision need to take care of their eyes at all times. A pair of anti-blue light glasses seems to be an essential item in everyday life. ( As a gentle monster sunglasses expoter and professional sunglasses manufacturer, JINGWEI can provide kinds of customized service.



The effect of blue light on us


Blue light is an important component of natural light and the blue light hazard refers to the photochemical effects caused by radiation exposure with wavelengths between 400nm and 500nm (short wavelength light), resulting in retinal damage. The cornea absorbs UV light below 295nm and the lens absorbs most of the UV light below 400nm, but some of the blue light can penetrate the lens to reach the retina and contains high photon energy. Blue light is the most sensitive and penetrating of all visible light to the retina, so it is hazardous. It can cause photochemical damage to the retina and accelerate oxidative damage to the cells in the macula, and this damage is irreversible.


Anti-blue Light Glasses

The working principle of anti-blue light glasses


Anti-blue light lenses are very widely used nowadays, but in fact the majority of adults do not need to use anti-blue light lenses. For adults, if they have to work for a long time staring at electronic screens, looking at mobile phones or computer screens, it may be useful to wear anti-blue light lenses. In fact, mobile phones and computer screens are relatively safe for the eyes from this kind of radiation, but it has an effect on the damage to the fundus of the eye, so you can wear glasses with anti-blue light.

However, not all blue light is harmful and it is important to choose to block out the harmful blue light and try to keep the favourable blue light. This is because some favourable blue light regulates the biological clock and is good for sleep, and this is for adults. For children it is even less recommended to wear anti-blue light glasses, as they may cause subtle differences in discolouration and have no myopia control. Therefore, for children, full-spectrum lenses are recommended as a healthier option.


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