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Talking About the Consumer's Preference for Glasses

Aug. 31, 2022

Nowadays, business is becoming more and more difficult, especially in the eyeglasses industry, because the probability of repeated consumption is very low, giving people the feeling that a pair of glasses is not used to bad, basically will not be replaced by a new pair, so the industry is puzzling, what is the demand of consumers for glasses?


Get a pair of clear, comfortable and long-lasting glasses


To provide customers with a pair of clear, comfortable and long-lasting glasses, it is impossible to provide a uniform package, but we must provide personalized optometry and prescription services. In particular, it is also particularly necessary to analyze the optometric function according to the individual.


According to the industry survey eyewear report, consumers' functional requirements for lenses are as follows.


Consumers' concern for different attributes of lenses.

●Concern for the clarity of the lenses: 62.5%+


●Concern about the function of the lenses against harmful light: 25%


●Concern about the degree of dirt resistance of lenses: 18.8%


●Concern about the anti-fog function of lenses: 8.3%


●Concern about false function:6.3%


From the above, we can see that with the gradual increase in consumer health awareness, consumer demand for lenses is now in the trend of upgrading.


Talking About the Consumer's Preference for Glasses

Eyewear industry consumer market characteristics


(1) Demand preference

As the penetration rate, frequency and length of use of electronic products continue to rise, consumer awareness of optometric protection is increasing, and functional eyewear products such as anti-blue light, fatigue relief and children's glasses are also suitable for people with healthy vision, bringing greater potential demand.


(2) Type preference

In terms of the type of eyewear consumers buy, more than 90% of respondents said they had bought myopic glasses, which shows that myopic people are the pillar group of the domestic eyewear consumption market; in the context of the general pursuit of beauty and fashion, contact lenses and sunglasses have become an important choice for consumers to buy eyewear, with more than half of respondents having bought contact lenses and sunglasses.


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