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Trending: Sunglasses with Yellow Lenses


May. 19, 2022

Over the years, we've seen countless sunglasses trends come and go, sometimes fleetingly, sometimes a little less so: but today we'll be looking specifically at yellow lens sunglasses. Making a splash on the runways at the end of last year, this is a fashion trend that we expect to last through the summer, so we want to make sure you understand why, fully understand why and how.Get a quote about the yellow lens sunglasses.

The benefits of yellow lens sunglasses

Aside from looking chic, there are plenty of solid scientific reasons to choose yellow lens sunglasses over clear lens sunglasses. Somewhat like the original aviator green lenses, they are best suited for use in dark or dim conditions, such as cloudy days, in fog, at dawn or at dusk. Dusk and other low-light conditions are the best time to wear yellow lenses because they effectively absorb blue light and UV rays, allowing for clearer and brighter vision. Some situations where this lens color is particularly needed are during activities at the beginning or end of the day, such as fishing, morning runs or walking to work before, after or after the sun rises. Cyclists can also find yellow sunglasses beneficial, and you'll often see athletes in the Tour de France and other high-intensity two-wheeled events wearing a pair. In fact, we offer lenses for top sunglass brands, so you can choose this color if you wish.

Trending: Sunglasses with Yellow Lenses

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Aviator Style

We love these teardrop-shaped, combat-ready, movie-cool sunglasses that originated from the needs of the U.S. Air Force in the early 20th century and evolved into a global fashion phenomenon. Originally, the lenses were designed to allow pilots wearing them to see objects and enemies clearly against a blue background. Now, these fashion must-haves are certainly available as super stylish sunglasses with a yellow tint and can be seen on the face of anyone with a little style, from movie icons to the young man on the street.

90s Rectangles

The more clothing conscious of you may realize that the 90's are making a comeback. This includes glasses with yellow lenses, which were a fashionable closet addition at the time. Now, rectangular glasses are back, pairing them with yellow lenses to keep them at the forefront of fashion.

Oversized and thick-rimmed

Pairing yellow lenses with oversized or thick frames is another combination we're seeing all the rage in the fashion world. Take Farfetch frames for example; Gucci yellow lens sunglasses are also hot right now and are available in a variety of styles.

Frameless sunglasses

Officially back in fashion are rimless yellow tinted sunglasses, originating from these classic retro brands. Known as "Y2K" glasses because of the time they were invented, you can still get the originals on websites that sell vintage items or in some vintage clothing stores. Although designers are catching up, the cost of originals is actually quite low.

Trending: Sunglasses with Yellow Lenses

Not just yellow

We offer lenses in every conceivable color of the spectrum from black to blue, green to gold. We have purple lenses, pink lenses and various shades of black so you can choose the best replacement lenses for you. In addition to 100% UV protection, our lenses have a crystal clear glass-like clarity. Ordering custom yellow lens sunglass is as easy as ordering our off-the-shelf solutions - contact us for a partnership.



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