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Six Practical Tips for Caring for Your Sunglasses

Oct. 21, 2022

Sunglasses are a year-round necessity, and there's nothing worse than accidentally damaging your favorite designer sunglasses, so we've shared six tips for caring for them. If you've already purchased the perfect pair of sunglasses, read on for sunglasses care tips.



Clean them properly

Proper cleaning is an important factor in caring for your sunglasses. Always use the microfibre cloth that comes with your sunglasses and the correct cleaning solution to clean them. If you use a sleeve or paper towel to clean the lenses, it may cause tiny scratches and transfer more dirt to the lenses. Therefore, keep always using a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Also, don't forget to clean the sides of the frames and nose rest, as this will stop them from slipping off your face and keep them hygienic.

microfibre cloth

microfibre cloth

Store them properly

When you take your sunglasses off, avoid placing them face down on an object as this can cause scratches to the lenses. You need to store your sunglasses properly when not in use to avoid unnecessary damage to your designer sunglasses. There is nothing worse than scratching your beloved sunglasses. Keeping them in a protective case, such as a hard case or soft pouch, will not only prevent them from getting dusty but will also ensure that they are not easily scratched or bent out of shape.

Avoid overheating

This is one tip you shouldn't neglect to look after your sunglasses. Avoid exposing them to excessive heat, which can cause the plastic frames of your sunglasses to warp and can even cause the lenses to break.

Wearing them correctly

While wearing sunglasses on your head makes you look cool, it can damage it. This is because when you wear your sunglasses on your head, you can damage the nose rest and the screws that support them can loosen and come off easily.

Also, handle your sunglasses carefully when putting them on and taking them off to make sure you don't stretch or bend your arms.

Beach sunglasses

If you are going to the beach to relax or participate in water sports, you must choose the type of sunglasses that are suitable for wearing at the beach. Also, protect your sunglasses (in a protective case) when you are not wearing them, as sand and seawater can cause significant damage to sunglasses.


Regular adjustments

Over time, the frame joints may loosen, which can cause your sunglasses to fall off or slip off your nose and break. Therefore, it is vital that take the time to readjust your sunglasses.

These are basic tips for caring for your sunglasses, for more information on the best way to take care of your sunglasses, please visit this link.

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